Peita peita i te kāinga

Started to explore other unconventional methods of applying paint at home with the tamariki. It was pretty messy and fun but probably got paint in a few places I shouldn’t have so if I paint with the kids definitely need ample amounts of space. I liked the para kore practice I used in class so I knew I wanted to do a set all from the same paint somehow. So the first one Ānga was me and the kids having races over the paper with their toy dinohead cars. Second I used the paint that had accumulated on the sides for my method named Kiriwera, where I dipped my finger in the paint and rolled onto the paper. I loved how these prints that you can be identified by can represent you as a person, so I started to think of all the people/tīpuna who are in my make up, and I created my visual of this. The last method I used I called Patapata, I dipped some paper towel into the cup I washed my paint brushes in from mixing the paint at the start, then I dropped and squeezed the paper towel creating light watercolours on the paper.

Ānga – momentum, driving force

Kiriwera – hot skin

Patapata – to drip, drop (as of rain)

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